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Abrasive roll Granat 115x25m P320 GR SOFT

Abrasive roll Granat 115x25m P320 GR SOFT

for manual abrasives
Item number 497095

Abrasive sheet Granat STF 115X228 P320 GR/100

Abrasive sheet Granat STF 115X228 P320 GR/100

for RS 200, RS 2, RS 100, RS 100 C, RS 1, RS 1 C, HSK-A 115 x 226
Item number 498953

Abrasive sheet Granat STF 80×133 P120 GR/100

Abrasive sheet Granat STF 80x133 P120 GR/100

for RTS 400, RTSC 400, RS 400, RS 4, LS 130, HSK-A 80x130, HSK 80x133
Item number 497120

Abrasive sheet Granat STF 80×400 P80 GR/50

Abrasive sheet Granat STF 80x400 P80 GR/50

for LRS 400, HSK-A 80x400 / 80x200
Item number 497159

Abrasive sheet Granat STF D150/48 P80 GR/50

Abrasive sheet Granat STF D150/48 P80 GR/50

for RO 150, ES 150, ETS 150, ETS EC 150, LEX 150, WTS 150, HSK-D 150
Item number 575162



abrasivesilicon carbide writeAwt Paper colourblack coatingclose coat glueresin over resin Jumbo roll width1410mm

Agrafeuse pour réparation pare-chocs (230 V)

Agrafeuse pour réparation pare-chocs (230 V) Ref : 052925


An open coated product on a flexible paper backing for dry sanding. Excellent finish and performance for the wood and automotive sector. Deerfos anti-static coating with a special chemical.