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Efficient and solvent saving manual clean rinse The Drester Boxer Compact gun cleaners have a small footprint and are user-friendly with outstanding cleaning performance thanks to the Drester pump and the superior automatic wash compartment design. Can be used with solvent, water or water-borne solvent (Drester AquaSolve). Drester Boxer Compact offer two models; DC11 automatic wash compartment with a manual clean rinse, DC12 automatic wash compartment with a automatic and manual clean rinse.


Automatic gun cleaner with manual clean rinse Drester 3600 by Hedson cleans automatically with circulating thinner and has a manual rinse with clean thinner. During the wash cycle, air is blown through the spray gun’s air channels to keep these free from solvent and fuzz. Drester 3600 is easy to use and has an ergonomic design. The machine is air powered and can also be obtained in a two-gun model.
  • Designed for use with conventional paints
  • Automatic, highly efficient built-in extraction
  • Equipped with air pressure regulator and water trap for durability