The DEERFOS name is synonymous with Trust. Trust built quality reliable products, technical advancements and excellent customer service.

Customer satisfaction has been our top priority for 50 years.

Founded in 1963, DEERFOS is a manufacturer of coated abrasive products. DEERFOS quickly became a leader in the domestic coated abrasive market in Korea. Our growth can be directly attributed to stick quality controls and continuous research and development. We are constantly trying to provide even better service to meet all the requirement of our customers. Our pioneering efforts have led success in developing new coated abrasive products and have provided DEERFOS the opportunity to make a positive impact in the markers around the world. Our efforts and technological investment have resulted in increased customer satisfaction and TRUST globally. DEERFOS will continue to strike for better customer satisfaction while maintaining our goal of TRUST among our customers.

The DEERFOS brand is synonymous with quality and customer satisfaction.

Since its foundation, the focus of DEERFOS has been to develop brand recognition. We are proud to say that our years of diligent effort and technological advancements have made the DEERFOS brand top ranked in the abrasive industry worldwide. The DEERFOS brand is associated with the quality, consistency, value and satisfaction. In order to provide services to a broad customer base, DEERFOS has established a manufacturing system that allows us to have the ability to service our brand customer base with the solution to all their abrasive needs while consistently manufacturing the same high level of quality from run. Our dedication to this technology has allowed the DEERFOS brand to be recognized for its quality, performance and value.

The power of DEEROS stands out from the competition.

Coated abrasive are used in a wide range of application including woodworking, metal fabrication, glass work and much more. Each coated abrasive product we developed is designed to be the most effective for its intended application. As new applications for coated abrasive emerge, DEERFOS works endlessly to develop new products to meet the requirements of our customers. The DEERFOS R&D Center is continuously developing new coated abrasive items while also upgrading the existing products. These efforts along with our manufacturing system controls have made the DEERFOS brand widely requested by around the world.

DEERFOS around the world.

DEERFOS was established is Seoul, South Korea in 1963 and now has facilities around the world. Currently we have a presence in 14 countries, including South Korea, USA, Colombia, Brazil, Italy, South Africa, Poland, Pakistan, India, Indonesia, Australia, Taiwan, Japan and China. In addition, we are represented by agents in over 80 countries worldwide. This broad representation and distribution system allows us to provide services effectively for all of our customers needs. With a direct investment in China, DEERFOS is now ranked #1 in the Chinese market for coated abrasive while our continued efforts in other industrialized countries have helped to increase our global market share. For quality you can TRUST, please choose DEERFOS now and to the future…