Project Lebanon 2014 - Lebanon

Backing Lebanon and the Levant’s Ever-Growing Construction Market

Acting as a promoter of the growing construction sector in Lebanon and the Levant and aiming to bring together regional and international experts to discover a world of opportunities, IFP Lebanon (International Fairs & Promotions) is organizing Project Lebanon 2014, the 19th International Construction Trade Exhibition for Lebanon and the Middle East, which will be taking place from June 3 to 6 in BIEL, Beirut. The 2014 edition is set to raise the bar for all construction trade fairs in the region. The upcoming mega show will be held alongside two specialized events; Energy Lebanon, the 4th International Trade Exhibition for Power Generation, Electricity, HVAC, Alternative Energy, Water & Environmental Technologies; and EcOrient, the 3rd International Conference for Environmental Technologies, Sustainability, Alternative Energy, Water Technology and Clean Energy.

Lebanon’s construction sector Remains a Promising Market Despite the Region’s Current Uncertainty

For the past two decades, Project Lebanon, the country’s sole construction show, has been leading the way in revealing market prospects, providing important industry contacts, and introducing new technologies, green products and innovative techniques to architects, builders, contractors, engineers and renovators. Participate this year to display your products and demonstrate your knowhow to over 25,000 expected attendees and business leaders and 800 exhibitors across 27,000 square meters of exhibition space. In 2015, we will be celebrating Project Lebanon’s 20th edition.
► Network with the leaders of the region’s construction market
► Get market insights to successfully position your brand among your competitors
► Showcase your products and knowhow to your customers and peers
► Expand your network, meet new business partners, reach new customers and guarantee your market share

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